Property Management Reviews

The idea of is to provide a resource where both landlords and tenants can post ratings and reviews of the property management companies that they have worked with.  I think that providing both tenant and landlord reviews will help both parties in selecting whether or not to contract with a specific management company.

For example, if I am a landlord, and I look up the reviews for a specific property management company, and I see a bunch of tenants complaining about unfair treatment and being ripped off, I might think a little harder before entering into an agreement with this property manager.

You want a property manager to be firm and strict, but you don’t want them either scaring off tenants or really angering them.  They are still your tenants and should be treated right.  An unhappy tenant has the ability to cause a lot more problems than no tenant at all.  An angered tenant may take out their frustration on the actual building itself, causing higher maintenance costs to you as the owner.

Also, as a landlord it will be beneficial to see other landlord reviews of this property management company.  If the owners are complaining about lack of professionalism, unorganized record keeping and whatnot, you might want to look elsewhere.

Finally, if you are a prospective tenant, seeing what the landlords are saying about a property management company and seeing what other tenants are saying might aid in your decision to stick with that place or keep looking.

Development for this site should start soon.  This blog is more of a place-holder for the planned super-site.  Check back for more development updates!